Lucia Vogel
your new voice
 Senate 41

Lucia Vogel was one of the three remaining finalists for the Republican endorsement to run for CD5 US Congress Minnesota.

   Lacy Johnson, however, won the Republican endorsement for CD5 US Congress for Minnesota at the convention.

   Please vote for Lacy Johnson for CD5 to become our next US Representative for Minnesota. 

The Minnesota Senate Victory Fund received a recommendation from a BPOU leader for Lucia Vogel to run as a candidate for the Senate for the District 41. Lucia was asked to run and she accepted and filed as a candidate at the Minnesota Secretary of State office on May 20th. 

   There was no known person that intended to run for District 41B so her husband filed also as a candidate for the Minnesota House for District 41B on may 20th.

In 2019 the CD5 Chairman asked Ronald Vogel why he was not running for office, and in 2020 a Minnesota Senator and a House member asked Ronald to run for office in his district if no one else was and thus 41B has a Republican candidate.  

   Suzan A. Erickson is a candidate for Minnesota House 41A.

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Will need to raise $3,000, in maximum of $50.00 donations per person by July 20th in order to receive some public subsidy funding.  Please donate.

 On June 26th Lucia Vogel for Senate 41, and Ronald Vogel for House 41B were endorsed.


  On June 27th Lucia Vogel and Ronald Vogel were video taped by a local cable channel for broadcasting these videos of the candidates to the public in the near future. We will have these videos also to share with you in a couple of weeks on our website and on Facebook.


August 11th the Minnesota Primary.

November 3rd the General Election.

Please Vote for Lucia Vogel for Minnesota Senate District 41.

Please contribute.

Please support and vote for all of the Republican candidates running for office this year. Including the following candidates:

Vote for Lacy Johnson for the US Congress for our area CD5.


Vote for Susan A. Erickson for Minnesota House District 41A.

Face Book Page is 

Susan Erickson 4 MN House 41A

Vote also for Ronald Vogel for Minnesota House District 41B.

Face Book Page is

Ronald Vogel for  House 41B.


   The words from the above video are:

   "Hello, my name is Lucia Vogel and I am running for Senator for District 41.

    Please support my campaign. I can be the person who truly represents District 41 and bring new ideas, new visions, for our community and also for the State of Minnesota.      Please support my campaign and donate. Thank you."

                    WHO AM I ?

   I am a conservative woman Republican  immigrant from Honduras.

   My husband is from Minnesota and we were married in Honduras in 1985 in Honduras. I have lived in Minnesota for about 35 years now.

   I have two sons and both have served in the US military.

   I have been a volunteer teacher's aide at the St. Anthony Wilshire Elementary School.

   I was half owner of Catalina's Restaurant in Columbia Heights from 2011-2018.

   I have two years of college. I also have two Christian studies degrees and I am a licensed minister.

   I have been to several countries on mission trips. 

   I have been involved with several community churches in Minnesota, some white, some Hispanic, and several African American churches.

   And yes, I am definitely Pro-Life and support the 2nd Amendment, and I believe in a strong economy and strong military for the United States of America !

   Additionally, I believe in support for our ally Israel, which I have seen articles written that Israel can help the United States even with providing some of our  medical supplies and equipment.

    If you want the Republicans to continue to have a majority in the Senate then vote for me in the 2020 election for Senate District 41 to help maintain the Republican majority.