"I have been involved in helping others for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to bring our businesses back for jobs for people, we need to improve our school education to help students prepare for their life after school ends, and find ways to help the homeless find jobs and make their lives meaningful to them, are some of my top priorities. I have nearly a decade of experience of helping others in need. I have learned various ideas to solve many problems, and I like to get things done. "



I have two years of college.

I have training in restaurant management.

I have two degrees in Christian Education and I am also a licensed minister.


   I am originally from Honduras. I married my husband in Honduras in 1985, shortly thereafter I came to live in Minnesota to my husband's home. I became a US citizen at one of the events held at the Minnesota State Fair. 

   When my children were in elementary I volunteered to be a teacher's aide at the St. Anthony Wilshire Elementary school. I also taught an after school hours Spanish class at the school.

   I am very proud of my two sons for serving in the US military, and both graduating from college.

I was half owner of Catalina's Restaurant from 2011 to the end of 2018 in Columbia Heights until we sold it.

   I have a minister's license, I have been to several countries on mission trips, I have been the head of church women's groups, etc., I even volunteered to preach a few times at the Rochester Federal Prison with other ministers.

   Late last fall I decided to run for US Congress for CD5, however, Lacy Johnson won the endorsement from the Republican Party. In May I was asked to become the candidate for Senate for District 41 and I agreed to run. 


I believe in a competitive health insurance market that should be open between all states to be more competitive for the people to choose from. There are also Christian Health care organizations as options that people can save on costs and still have Health Care.


I believe in the natural climate change that has happened during all the time the earth has existed. But, we still need to manage and control our waste and pollution to live in a healthy environment.  


I grew up in Honduras so I am a Hispanic female immigrant.  I have attended churches of various races in Minnesota during my 35 years living in Minnesota. I have in-laws that are white, black, and American Indian. I also am a Christian licensed minister.


I was in business from 2011 until the end of 2018 as half owner of the Catalina's Restaurant in Columbia Heights.